The Early Christian Centuries por Philip Rousseau

The Early Christian Centuries por Philip Rousseau

Titulo del libro: The Early Christian Centuries

Autor: Philip Rousseau

Número de páginas: 342 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 6, 2014

Editor: Routledge

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Philip Rousseau con The Early Christian Centuries

Charting the first six hundred years of the Christian movement, THE EARLY CHRISTIAN CENTURIES carries the reader from the world of second-temple Judaism to the Byzantine age, the rise of Islam, and the beginnings of medieval European polities.With a combination of rare tact and acuity, Philip Rousseau  takes the measure of a generation of scholarship on early Christianity and the late Roman world. He stresses the importance of shifting historical consciousness, the continuity and development of ideas, and the urge for social respectability.  Paying the greatest attention to the 'inner' components of Christian life, the resulting story captures fully the major figures: Paul, the gospel writers, the early 'apologists', and the great figures of the 'patristic' age, including the Cappadocian Fathers, Augustine and Gregory the Great.