Dios y la bolsa por Douglas Bata

Dios y la bolsa por Douglas Bata

Titulo del libro: Dios y la bolsa

Autor: Douglas Bata

Número de páginas: 41 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 8, 2016

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Douglas Bata con Dios y la bolsa

Full Color. Stock Exchange And God -Day trading, comes to be an instrument for all those that want to achieve significant aims on the international markets, announcing royal experiences, the psicotrading inside the operative one, since raising this 70 % of the success like independent operators, the famous The Panama Papers, practical examples at the moment of operating with indicators (30 %), this sauce deprived of the chef as they say colloquial, myths inside the world of fantasy, goals, since going out of economic crises in the home, royal history.